Today, as a result of technology, we can now travel and see many places via many different means. Through our travels, either by flight, automobile, Internet, television, telephone, or whatever our choice, we have met people and established friendships. World events of terrorism, natural disasters, protests and war has left many with different thoughts and concerns on the well being and thought of friends and family.

At I am safe we would like to provide a sense of safety and well being. Our mission is to promote peace, harmony and safety by proving a place for people to share your thoughts. By visiting this site, you can add your comments to our database and give friends & family the peace of mind knowing you are safe along with providing others with an idea of the thought shared worldwide. With every entry and visit, someone that cares will be left with some comfort. Maybe this peace will propagate around the world and take us to the next millennium.

Sign your name & share your thoughts on our wall and know that as someone else visits this site, they will be comforted and leave with a peace of mind knowing you are safe. With every entry, we get ever so close to propagating peace world wide.

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Gain your "peace of mind," through a search of our database.

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